Review the history of the Premier League the strongest array Zidane: C Ronaldo Manchester United partner Henry 6 God

Recently, the Real Madrid star Zinedine Zidane in an interview, the selection of the strongest in the history of the Premier League eleven, in the eyes of Zidane, his favorite is the coach Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

Goalkeeper aspect, Zidane choice is Manchester United legend goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. Defensive line, Zidane choice is Ashley Cole, Stam, Ferdinand and Gary - Neville. Zidane played for Manchester United tend to those people.

In midfield, Arsenal legend Vieira partner Chelsea legend Claude Makelele, Zidane, Claude Makelele is also partner in the French national team. There are also legendary Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and Manchester United midfield maestro Paul Scholes.

Forward aspect, C Luo Manchester United during the partner Henry.

Zidane named best in the history of the Premier League 11:

Goalkeepers: Peter Schmeichel

Defenders: Ashley Cole, Stam, Ferdinand, Gary - Neville

Midfielders: Paul Scholes, Claude Makelele, Patrick Vieira, Gerrard

Forward: C Ronaldo, Henry

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