Barcelona melon handsome staring dug strongman Champions League champion Manchester City hero he wants to abandon


Although the League Cup final heroics saved three penalties to help Manchester City off the first title of the season, however, the Argentine goalkeeper Caballero probably not in the coach Guardiola's plans. According to British media reports, Manchester City Guardiola hopes to introduce a goalkeeper, his goal is currently being Barcelona effectiveness Teershite roots.

According to "Mirror" reported that Guardiola hopes to introduce a more competitive player in the goalkeeper position, come with Joe - Hart to compete and rotation, his current Manchester City's number two goalkeeper Caballero is not satisfaction. It reported that Guardiola Teershite root meet all the requirements of the goalkeeper.

This season, Barcelona coach Enrique basically continue to use a rotation policy last season, the league is responsible for Bravo, the main root Teershite Cup kick. However, the end of last year the Club World Cup, did not get a root Teershite minutes playing time, which also led to his dissatisfaction.

Teershite root has never denied that he hoped to get more playing time. Another Barca goalkeeper Bravo same is true, he said in an interview with his hometown media interview: "If I said I did not want to play the Champions League, then I must be lying."

This season, played a total of 19 root Teershite games, including four games in La Liga, King's Cup six games, seven games in the Champions League, Spanish Super Cup and 1 field field 1 European Super Cup, lost a total of 23 goals.

In addition, according to "The Sun" reported that Manchester City in the League Cup final opponents Liverpool Teershite also very interested in the root, after Liverpool have provided a quote in January, they were willing to come up with 16.5 million EUR.

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