Again be abandoned? AC Milan, the prodigal son never be back home?

After Chaaraoui C Milan will put to Rome, small pharaoh in Rome 5 appearances and scored 4 goals and 1 assists. In the absence of sidewalks udarnik case, Milan fans hope the team has Chaaraoui such a player, but it seems the desire of fans to be dashed, Milan and Rome is preparing a deal is to use Chaaraoui exchange Ituri Sacirbey.

Young Yituerbei once considered one of the most promising players in Serie A in 2014, his 22 million euros worth joining Rome, but in January this year on loan to the newly-promoted Premiership Bournemouth. Italian media had said the downgrade is not as long as Bournemouth, they will be forced buyout Yituerbei, buyout fee is 22 million euros. The Bournemouth accumulated 29 points currently ranked 15, compared with the relegation zone Newcastle only five more minutes, it is hard to say whether relegation.

According to "football transfer", a Yituerbei more likely to return to Rome in the summer, but soon he will be traded. Currently rented in Rome Chaaraoui good condition, made five Serie A 4 1 ball assists, red wolf has no need Yituerbei, so they want to complete a deal with AC Milan to Yituerbei exchange Chaaraoui. AC Milan would have to rent a small law a foreigner to the end of the season, but it is the attitude of the senior team, even if Chaaraoui recovered, he will be leased or sold again.

The report also said the AC Milan, the deal is actually perfect. Milkha arrival Yituerbei may be provided on the wing more options, you can get free Chaaraoui Rome, and Milan may be players do not want to deal with out shelter in signing new aid simultaneously.

Chaaraoui hard back home ah ah back home difficult Chaaraoui
But for Chaaraoui, this deal means he can never again put the Rossoneri shirt. Little Pharaoh AC Milan was once the period is considered to be a future football players like talent, even if the state of decline, the fans are looking forward to him to rise again. But in the end he was loaned to French side Monaco, which also marked that he might never return line of difficult.

After determining joining Monaco, Chaaraoui issued a public letter expressing gratitude for Milan:. "At this moment, I can not express my feelings in words everything happened so fast, I have to find myself within 24 hours make a on their own, the best decision of his career for leave Milan, leaving disappointment Milan fans, I do not need to say. I'm from a very early start and a red and black are closely linked, and even in such a departure the most difficult time has always supported me, trust my club, it's a tough decision. I must thank you, Milan fans, last but not least ...... in fact, you are so special, so unique ...... thank you for always giving I love, especially thank the hard times you have given me good wishes, even today I am about to leave, change shirts, but you still send me your blessing. "

Winter AC Milan and Monaco 24 games farce Chaaraoui be returned French giants, Milan fans that the return of the good, Shala Wei returned to Milan for the team can make a supplementary wing attack. But Galliani was leased to him again outside Rome, and probably not touched Chaaraoui Milanello door, it left out.

While this is the situation of professional players must face, but also back home difficult Chaaraoui the people sigh. Prior talented small pharaoh now seems to have been on top of the transfer is to toss the club as a commodity, which is the interest of professional football supremacy in miniature.

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