Maradona blasted the new FIFA PRESIDENT: He does not know stupid X scandal ah?


FIFA general election ended, Infante became the ninth Tino chairman, but for the new head of Maradona and do not like, rage against it as "traitors."

Infante Tarantino was elected the new chairman of FIFA Infante Tarantino was elected the new chairman of FIFA
FIFA had exposed corruption case, when he was FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini also left the center of power in international football, but for the newly appointed Infante Tarantino, Diego Dona is has its own views, he did not believe the former UEFA General Secretary is so "clean", "Infante Tarantino is a traitor, will one day get to the bottom of." Maradona said, "the United States for the FIFA investigation can not over yet. he knows everything Blatter and Platini correspondence, he did not know what? that's the case you want to, and he was not a dementia is a fool. he now began to assert his boss Platini up. "

Infante Tarantino traitor, Platini and Blatter bad things that he can not know? Infante Tarantino traitor, Platini and Blatter things he knows

Maradona shelling Blatter, Platini bluntly, repeatedly shelled the two former giants of international football, "Blatter is a hypocrite and consequently do not understand, led FIFA growing corruption. "" Platini is a UEFA 'chiefs', in so many years of time, he Blatter obey, like being raised Blatter's dog. "

Opinion, the new head of FIFA is also doomed escape Maradona mouth shelling.

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