Neymar father exposed a secret meeting of the European Tyrant ask Macy level salary

Although executives said on Barca Neymar renewed things to calm, but the Brazilian star is still likely to leave the Nou Camp, Spain reporters have recently disclosed, Neymar's father is still in contact with a number of European clubs, and he was in the Marceau to annual salary of not less than Messi.

Although there is news that Neymar has agreed with Barcelona to sign a new contract, but the Brazilians still traced and contacted Paris Saint-Germain. Are linked with big operations in Brazil since the rumors for a long time superstar, French giants Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Barcelona and even La Liga rivals Real Madrid are interested in him.

Brazilian media insisted barca has convinced Neymar to stay, for the Barcelona club is willing to let his salary doubled. However, the well-known Spanish football reporter, former "Marca" editor Eduardo - Inda has revealed that 24-year-old Neymar is still in contact with Paris Saint-Germain, the Brazilians want their salaries can reach that level Macy.

When participating in sports talk show "El Chiringuito de Jugones", Inda said: "Neymar's father in a conversation with Paris Saint-Germain, even if it claims that Neymar has contract with Barcelona the day in the outside world, he is also working with PSG contact. I do not know that he is not negotiating, but he was with with Nasser (Paris Saint-Germain club owner) very close relationship of people to talk, to ask him very close to the number of Macy's annual salary income to the latter. "

Neymar Barcelona MSN fearsome trident in one. Messi and Barcelona had signed a pre-tax annual salary of € 38.55 million contract. Neymar know, he would have been in Barcelona in the next five-time Golden Globe Messi's shadow, this also means that Neymar will be the temptation to other European giants when the idea of ​​a brother.

"The Sun" revealed that last year, the club vice-chairman Woodward had secret negotiations with Neymar, the Brazilian star wants to Old Trafford. Manchester United are even willing to pay 180 million euros for the contract breach of contract payments Neymar to make Neymar become the Red Devils first card. Neymar's father Neymar's agent, last month, he gave Manchester United hope, said: "There is no reason to be Nei Maer contract with Barcelona." Barca current wage situation has reached its limit, so that if Neymar annual salary Messi reached the level that club finances will be overwhelmed, but if you can not meet the requirements of Neymar, it signed a contract extension and very difficult, this is the biggest problem currently encountered in Barcelona.

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