Real Madrid have put bloodthirsty Heavenly Sword Zizou with him than J Lo 14K okay to make


Against Levante, Real Madrid's performance improved, and the team fighting to rise, with the contribution Mayoral and Vazquez young players are inseparable. Vazquez gave the team speed, and the ability to adhere to a breakthrough, after the game, "Aspen" named it the best audience.

After the Madrid derby defeat, Zidane's team originally intended to be a revolutionary change, but Levante evolutions, more because of injury or suspension. Compared to the game against Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid have six in the starting lineup change, and the biggest change is Isco was relegated to the bench, while Vazquez and Mayoral get the first opportunity. Zidane insisted 4-3-3 formation, as midfielder Casemiro, Cross in the right way, J Lo on the left. fifa 17 coins

After the start of the race can be found to change the attitude of the players of Real Madrid, the other offensive tackles Casemiro fell to the ground, while also trying to intercept Vazquez Rossi onrush. Real Madrid then began to control the game, but it is difficult to create opportunities, when only Vazquez began operations, the team only threat. Vazquez is the Real Madrid squad fastest and most spark players, he again break olvan defense, looking for opportunities to break the balance.

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