What the hell! Klopp most funny scene: Bayern lose it! Ha ha ha ha

Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-0, always like to do the stunt Reds boss Klopp fans once again become the focus of heated debate. Competition, not only showed off his t slag passion celebration. The post-match interview, the Klopp and took his old foes Bayern baited one.

Prior to the League Cup final, Liverpool in a penalty shootout loss to Manchester City regret lost the championship, while the campaign of the Red Army finally achieve a 3-0 home win over rivals revenge. Quite interesting is that the current round of ranking standings in the forefront of several teams failed to win. Post-match interview, when asked about the views of other races, Klopp said: "Well the other games, I heard Bayern lose, ha ha ha ha." This scene can be described as very funny, t slag and shows his humorous side, not only cleverly evaded the question, to avoid the trouble, but also to take a handful of old foes Bayern baited.

The review process of the game, after three goals in Liverpool, Klopp has made its own personality celebration, in addition to the iconic fist roar, Lallana scored the first goal after Klopp also deliberately spread out his hands, as if he does not know will not be so easily advanced, indeed, but also to many fans to experience again slag t naughty side.

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