Inter general: Juve won 3-0 after also afraid of the first three goals to achieve


Inter Milan Brazilian defender Miranda said in an interview with Inter Channel today, Inter Milan this season, third in the league can complete the task.

Miranda before the start of the season from Atletico Madrid to join Inter Milan, the Nerazzurri played well in the second half of this season, after Christmas also top the league, but the team record plummeted to enter after 2016, falling from first to the current league the fifth ranked team from the third place, five points behind Roma.

But Miranda believes Inter Milan can perk up, won the league third, week in the Italian Cup semi-final second leg, Inter Milan 3-0 total score tied, though lost in a penalty shootout, but the game enough to boost the team's morale.

Miranda said: "We have been in the top three advancing to the league, although it now seems difficult, but I believe the team can do, especially in the Italian Cup performance has been proven, we do not fear any opponent team takes courage. and self-confidence, and put them into the game, as with Juventus the same. If we can continue that kind of performance against Juventus, we can beat anyone. "

This weekend's Serie A, Inter Milan sits at home against Palermo. For this game, Miranda said: "I hope we can play like the Italian Cup as well, if this is the case we can definitely win."

"Mancini? I know he recently a lot of pressure, he has a great charisma coach, he likes to play good football, we will continue our efforts with a victory to return his trust in us." Miranda said.

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