Barcelona's victory over Real Madrid behind the weak suffer injustice will always be ignored

Rayo Vallecano lost 1-5 at home to Barcelona, ​​the race there have been some controversial shots. Spanish media said Barcelona a second ball from an offside offense, Busquets before manufacturing and rivals red card penalty in an offside position. "Today I do not see here any judge." Rayo Vallecano coach after the game, this sentence is repeated five times in a row. But no matter how dissatisfied referee Hermes, strength and Barcelona clearly dominated the scene to take away such a victory is not surprising. And so some of his protest, naturally, drowned in the madness of praise for Messi hat-trick against Barcelona and worship among the successive unbeaten. Also ...... if not Chinese players Zhang Chengdong came to the team, perhaps a lot of people do not know or care Paco - who is Hermes.

Controversial penalty, unfair race ...... who cares?

Hermes Hermes boomed after losing to Real Madrid after losing to Real Madrid stormed 2-10
La Liga fans should also remember the last time Paco - Hermes furious after the game, that team on the road after the 2-10 defeat to Real Madrid. That game also there have been some controversial penalty, "Marca" pointed out Real Madrid 3-2 ahead of the penalty and red card penalty not clear enough, that was after the game, there are many voices support for Rayo Vallecano. But imagine if Real Madrid but not exaggerated 10-2 to 5-2 win? If Real Madrid is not in play teams Jiaoruan season process state does not ring true? Perhaps Hermes and Rayo Vallecano anger, it will be like after the game against Barcelona was flooded.

Rayo Vallecano fans protest slogan: I like Mondays! Rayo Vallecano fans protest slogan: I like Mondays!
There is no doubt that Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two super giants of La Liga, TV broadcasters for them to adjust the schedule of other teams situation is not uncommon. After a national derby, in order to play melon Shuai Shuai Moody's news conference, Sevilla and Levante match ensuing kickoff forced to delay 30 minutes. Angry fans threw tennis a lot to the floor in protest, and singing "We are tired of Barcelona and Real Madrid do that," but does not change the schedule adjustment therefore occur. Rayo Vallecano often because of this reason, only this time in the match Monday 23:00. Bukaneros their diehard fans will play in their own way to protest slogan: "I like Mondays, I'm special." "The best league on the planet ha ha ha ha ......"?

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