Views: Arsenal League Champions League FA Cup all strive to have it or kneel

North London derby, Arsenal kicked out bloody though, did not lose this "can not lose the game," but the results, did not get the three points, no doubt so that they are far away from the Premiership champions a step, there are nine Premier League will come to an end, but the gunmen from the top of the distance has reached 8 points, champion hopes increasingly slim. Champions League already at the gates Jingtun two rounds, the second leg more than a year also went undefeated in the Nou Camp, to see how Arsenal are ominous, for which their FA Cup opponents Hull City guard Curtis - Davis frankly, Arsenal this season in the FA Cup on hope.

Hull defender Davies Hull defender Davies

Earlier, Arsenal and Hull City in the FA Cup contest, 0-0 to shake hands with the opponent, for which they went to the city, home to the tiger re-match. According to "Daily Mirror" reported that Hull City guard Curtis - Davis said in an interview, said: "Arsenal is too recent back, and I believe they will make them whole as their FA Cup not to season empty-handed straw. you are not able to completely erase them directly from the title race, after all, there are so many games, but I think, to reason, they have to kick the FA Cup very seriously and I think they will go all out in this tournament. "

Davis wants to bring the team to beat Arsenal as a turning point: "They did not win the first leg at home to us, that we are a great boost to our morale a little bit recently encountered a goal drought, five games on. into a ball, so we feel that, if we can beat Arsenal, then it is obvious that we can greatly boost the team's morale and help us to go further in the British crown. "

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