Real Madrid 80 million superstar really finished? Zidane and now he is not reused

C Lo released his anger, staged Luckiest Man; Isco also recovered the second half for Celta confidence, Malaga who sent out an assist, this is the first of his nine assists this season, his football has been improved; Bell return to his score, fans cheered his return; Marcelo made a Champions League game adaptation; Casemiro even more calm, and even at the Bernabeu are Danilo I feel very at ease.

Every Real Madrid player now looks very positive, but in a full recovery team has a player has lagged behind. For Celta, J Lo did not start the game, Zidane let him sit on the bench. Game, Bell, Marcelo and Hesse also sit on the bench, but Zidane in the second half let them play it, J Lo has been sitting on the bench.

This is not the first time J Lo on the bench for 90 minutes, Mestalla stadium, Benitez coached Real Madrid last game, the Colombians would not play the whole game. Zidane took office coached 11 games, Celta count on this game, J Lo has been four times to sit the bench, he was starting seven times, but there are six times benched in advance.

Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" that, J Lo lost Zidane Real Madrid in the footsteps of Colombia players at Real Madrid squad has no special weight, his position has dropped to second grade. Just look at his numbers became clear, and the same period compared to last season, he played 12 times J Lo times less, in terms of field performance, his goals than last season, six less.

Benitez either now or before Zidane, are not above the season as Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti trust J Lo. Four times this season, he sat on the bench, this is not the last season before. J Lo position at Real Madrid fall, there is a variety of reasons, he in discipline, physical aspects of the problem. Real Madrid he was not looking to maintain their high-level accused, leading to overweight. Moreover Bell's return and Isco outstanding performance, but also to Zidane have more options when choosing players, J Lo is no longer indispensable.

J Lo originally thought to their position and worth 80 million players, they can sit tight in the main position, but in fact is the Real Madrid squad a lot of players, including Vazquez such nobodies, can replace him. J Lo in order to regain the trust Zidane, we must work hard.

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