Premier League team becomes God supermarkets? Number one core was hired away from Barcelona fear of being hollowed


This season, Leicester City's performance shocked the football, they are now being beat Arsenal, Manchester City and other giants, to lead the Premier League standings. Due to outstanding performance, the core of Leicester City players were also eyeing the European clubs. According to "The Sun" reported that La Liga giants Barcelona in the summer, they hope to dig Leicester generals Mach Juarez.

After 29 Premier League Leicester City plot 60 points, beat many despots, lead the Premier League standings. "Sky Betting" odds show the current Leicester City to win the Premier League lose 1.1 to 1 odds, this team has become a demon favorites to win the Premier League. Leicester amazing performance, naturally can not do without the players play well, and they have become the object of looting the European giants. "Sun" said Barcelona coach Enrique has made a decision to Mach poaching Caceres in the summer, but their bid was only 15 million pounds.

Juarez now Mach 25 years old, comes when the play, he can play forward, midfield position also. He not only has excellent ability to score, but also a good creativity. This season he has scored 15 goals in the Premier League (Premier League scorer fourth), not only that, he also assists up to 9 times (second in assists), which reflect his ability. With such a dazzling performance, he attracted the attention of Barcelona. But Barcelona is his asking price is not high, only 15 million pounds. "Mirror" has previously assessed Mach Juarez market price is around 25 million pounds.

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