Real Madrid dug Tottenham! Zidane picked the strongman how much money?

Real Madrid are preparing to once again come summer big purchase for Tottenham, their goal is the Deli - Ali.

British "Sun" reported over the past few seasons, Real Madrid has to poach players like Modric and Bell from White Hart Lane, Tottenham despite the club president Levy tried to resist, but ultimately could not resist the lure of money from Real Madrid . Now, according to informed sources, the young Ali Zidane has been seen as a future star Bernabeu.

Ali was 19 years old this year, the first time he has gone to Tottenham in August last year, but now he has become an important driving force for Tottenham. So far, Ali has scored seven goals in the Premier League, but when his first for England in November last year, has scored an amazing goal in the game against France, so excellent performance let Ali Zidane won the favor.

In 2013, Levi forcing Florentino took out after a record 86 million pounds transfer fee, let Bell leave. Levi with no compromise in the negotiations known, he apparently will not casually put prices Ali leave.

However, "Sun" also pointed out that Real Madrid this summer cleaning at least 10 players, including C Lo, in this case, Real Madrid will not be a lack of transfer funds. It is reported that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez will throw a total of up to 250 million euros acquisition plans, including Azar, Degea, Aguero, Real Madrid signings Ali all list.

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