Leave AC Milan? Michalis rumor: the Champions League next season we have to fight it


AC Milan coach Mihajlovic was involved again leave the rumors, but this message is not the Italian media that he would be dismissed, but wanted to leave Milan Michal initiative. But in an interview Mihaela clarified that he did not think so.

According to "Sky Sports" reported that club president Silvio Berlusconi Miha because excessive intervention team management and coaching and disgruntled, was determined to leave AC Milan at the end of the season. While Milan will aim at the handsome Di Francesco, Roberto Donadoni, Brocchi and Emeri body.

'Milan Channel' also immediately to Mihaela interviewed, but in an interview said he did not have Miha dissatisfaction with the old shell, leaving Milan also rumors: "! Always have something to disturb your rest day," laughed Miha : "I do not want publicity for these rumors, but I want to clarify, yesterday I've never told anyone this, then I have a contract with Milan and I are committed to laying the foundation for future success in Milan last round of the competition. lost I'm sorry, but when I lose about my future these problems will come up. but these are unfounded rumors, my only concern is the next game. "

Michalis again shows the relationship between himself and the club level is good: "I do not want to stay in Milan, of course, why not I will never stop Berlusconi and Galliani grateful that I in this?? position clear conscience, and I will always head forward I repeat, I'm sorry to let rumors that defeat, in my mind two things: my football and my world I'm first and foremost a man before coach, if someone have questions, please talk between the President and me. I can be challenged as a coach, but as a man I can not be questioned. "

Mancini believes Milan is difficult to achieve and get the third Champions League qualification for next season, but Miha disagree: "We are focused on preparing and Chievo last round defeat hurts, but do not forget our good deeds we also have ten rounds, mind your own business is like, I do not agree with other coaches say. Sassuolo after the game, I sleep for two days, we have some problems, I was looking for a solution let's see if I can put the idea into practice it. "

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