Manchester United top division because Mourinho Van Gaal to stay? Legend: long overdue class

Van Gaal in the end, without class? Class if the class is when? This season, Manchester United from the Champions League from the start until two days before losing to West Brom, Manchester United fell to sixth in the Premier League so far, almost every lose a game, this issue will be discussed again bring to the table for a while. Mike Mussina distant, already gearing up for a long time, even once there is news that Mourinho is dead and so on Manchester United. Today, however, a "Daily Mirror" message to Manchester United fans may worry about anxiety again: not even the Champions League next season play, Van Gaal is also possible to stay at Manchester United, not class.

There is no doubt Manchester United Van Gaal set to top the bottom line is that the top four, which is the Champions League qualification, as long as they keep Champions League qualification, then Van Gaal would not class, Manchester United will wait until the end of his 2017 season made him the natural retirement. However, with Manchester United's performance as one day, Mike Mussina to replace him seems a matter of time. However, "Daily Mirror" the latest news, Manchester United executives still not made a final decision, that is to say, even if not playing in the Champions League, Manchester United may also be completed to fulfill the final year of the contract with Van Gaal.

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