Real Madrid 100 million High Lead exposure Bundesliga kings official response: nonsense


Obame Yang became the meat and potatoes on the transfer market this summer, there are a number of wealthy are hoping he can be incurred under. According to German media "Express" broke the news, Real Madrid had to sit still, they also hope to get the Dortmund striker to kill, and even at 100 million euros out of the high price.

Obame Yang himself wearing the Real Madrid shirt is also very interested and frankly his childhood dream was to play for Real Madrid:? "My childhood dream is to play for Real Madrid that my grandfather is the Real Madrid fans in. before his death in 2014, I promised him that one day I will wear the Real Madrid shirt. While this may seem difficult to achieve, but the idea has remained in my mind. "

"Express" supplementary claims, Dott Obame Yang also has given a green light to the transfer, as long as get the right offer, they will be considered for sale. The newspaper also quoted Dortmund main Xiwacike sentence, "If you can receive 100 million euros offer, and then we have to talk about the players." Real Madrid are willing to pay big bucks to back Obame Yang Bernabeu, is also currently in active negotiations with regard Dott.

Obame Yang hot this season, this season's 24 Bundesliga Gabonese scored a total 22 goals, currently ranked second in the Bundesliga top scorer, only the first name than Levante at least one ball , promising to win this season's Bundesliga Golden Boot.

But athletic director Dortmund denied the deal, told "Bild" interview, Zuo Erke said: "complete nonsense, we have never received an offer about Obame Yang, and I do not want players to leave. "

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