Blood loss 40 million! Chelsea dropped out of the Champions League a tragic fear forced to sell Ace 3

This morning, Chelsea in the Champions League knockout round second leg 1-2 loss to Paris Saint-Germain, the Blues this season's Champions League trip officially ended. Chelsea fans more sad is that Chelsea and even have to say goodbye to the Champions League next season. The "Daily Mail" that Chelsea missed the Champions League next season, will have to lose at least 40 million pounds of income.

After 29 Premier League, Chelsea 40 points, ranked fourth from the City up to 10 points difference, you know, and now Manchester City also less competition round, which means that by Chelsea reached the Premiership top four next season's Champions League qualification dream has basically broken. Even Hiddink also admitted last weekend, Chelsea have been impossible before the four reached. And this morning, Chelsea exit from the Champions League this season, also means that the identity of Chelsea to the Champions League, next season's Champions League qualification this road, but also completely blocked.

Champions League qualification, which means that Chelsea will be a huge loss into + bonus. According to regulations, as long as the English Premier League team to participate in next season's Champions League matches, the first thing they will get 31 million pounds into security at the end, not only that, in the Champions League group after the game, even if there is no knockout, the team also can get 900 £ 10,000. This means that next season's Premier League Champions League tournament, will receive at least 40 million pounds of revenue. It is worth mentioning that, if the Premier League was eliminated in the Champions League qualifying, so they could get a bonus of £ 4.25 million.

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