AC Milan thigh: for the money to go to the Super How? People will be tempted


AC Milan's French striker Menezes because with injuries until the league began the second half marked the game. Yesterday was the first time he can be first in the league, but also due to sudden injury before Kuci Ka to the spot. Seems to want to get back Menezes squad striker state will take some time. However, in a recent interview, he said that if there is another high-tech super team to dig him, he is willing to consider.

Since March last year injured, Menezes took nearly a year to return to the track, Menezes told "Equipe" interview also admitted that the injury really is not a small setback: "This is the worst of my career a period of time, when I was at Paris Saint-Germain have received this injury, but I was two months to recover. I thought this would be easy to recover, but when I went back to training, only to find there are wound infection it was not easy for me, especially since I do not know where in the end do not only led to the injury. I feel much better now, but want to find the peak need a little time. "

Winter transfer period, there have been rumors Shanghai Shenhua want to introduce Mene, France also confirmed the news and said he was not sure the future will stay in Milan: "For now, I had a great time in Milan, we need to sit down with senior Milan to talk about this issue. Some Chinese team contacted me, but I chose to finish the season in Milan had to make a decision. "

For super attractive, Menezes very straightforward, he said simply for the money to go to the Super League play nothing wrong: "I'll be honest, my job well, and I played ball in some wealthy, but not all is born a lot of money. so when a team like China as a contract in front of me, people will be tempted. "

In his slow recovery process, has also been some questions of Italian fans, which is not flat Menezes: "When people are unfair when I am troubled, people forget that in Italy I went into 16 balls last season, told reporters I alone does not pass does not let go. they always grabbed a point for the people, but I'm not perfect. "

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