Views: Messi is not even within the team than less important Sue God help him progress

Recently, the Atletico coach Simeone accepted Argentina "national newspaper" interview, Simone that even Messi, nor the entire team is important.

Simoni said: "No individual is more important than the whole team, even if he is not OK because, although Messi Messi is already the world's best players, and in Suarez and Neymar now reach them. after this level, Messi progressively more apparent. this is also confirmed this point, even the world's best players, but also need the support of teammates around. "

For the most recent state hot Barcelona, ​​Simonyi also expressed their views: "Enrique did a wonderful job during the Barcelona coach Guardiola, the team had already established a very good foundation, then Barcelona has very good, but Enrique and the team has been improved and enhanced. now this Barcelona can play sharp counterattack, but both ends are doing very well. they are now more like a complete team they are creating their own legend. "

In addition, Simonyi also some talk about his understanding of football, he believes a player's true value lies in understanding how to play: "Yes, everyone can play, but the real value of a professional player, is to really know how to play, rather than simply kicking the ball away. many players can kick the ball away, but only a few players really know how to play, when a team more and more when players know how to play, they can get more and more champions. "

Finally, Simeone believes that winning is not the most important football: "I would say my understanding of a win, I play to please yourself or with others not interested in the player, the most important. What is quality? is feeling, a feeling of football fans for football. it's not playing well you will be able to feel, you need hard to understand. "

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