Bar of God can not be saved! Italian media: AC Milan dig 10 million to buy him Xiangui


When the bar of God back to AC Milan last summer when he claimed to have grown up, it is time to become mature, the fans expectations placed on him, because if he can seriously play, its talent is still worth the wait.

But back to Milan after passing the bar of God and rarely come up with the performance, letting groin injury he missed three months or so, but he did not let the opportunity to host the team. But after the injury, he showed the coach in training within sight, if not meet the requirements do not give the opportunity to the bar of God. And Michal said: "Balotelli's problem is not physical or technical level, and in the brain."

Again, that good were grown? Kibumba God which team will be critical attitude is not correct or psychological problems, and now he has 26 years of age, these questions on Professional Attitude probably no longer be resolved.

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