70 million disaster! Chelsea Mourinho really fallen puzzles made a scapegoat?

The league has entered the final stage, the Premier League champions Chelsea now only ranked 10th. Since the Champions League and domestic cup also all out, Chelsea qualify for next season's World War basically shattered hopes. In the end what is the reason to make this champion of the division suddenly fall. Analysis from "Daily Mail" said the Blues biggest mistake that poor signings, nearly 11 new aid did not bring to the team should help.

Specifically, Chelsea nearly 11 new aid team spent a total of 6815 pounds, including Pato (Rental, Corinthians), Matt - Mia Z. (3.5 million, the New York Red Bulls), Marco - Amelia (visa, Castelli Romani), Pedro (21 million, Barcelona), Baba (21 million, Augsburg), Begovic (eight million, Stoke City ), Kennedy (6.7 million, Fluminense), Falcao (rent, Monaco) - Michael Hector (4.5 million, Reading), Pandi Qi (1.25 million, Partizan Belgrade), Gilo Baghy (2.2 million, Nantes).

Manchester United and Arsenal nearly 11 signings Leicester City and Tottenham nearly 11 signings
Not difficult to see that 11 couples who can not become absolute main Chelsea, even the most marginal figures are just the team, and some can not even go to the first team. Therefore no exaggeration to say, Chelsea nearly a season signings failed. He failed to provide reinforcement for the team.

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