Anti Bayern Guardiola digging giant angered Tony Wong was 1 Warning: unforgivable

Tough 0-0 home draw against Dynamo Kiev, Pellegrini led his historic march on Manchester City's Champions League quarter-finals, but the two main defender Vincent Kompany and Otamendi all because of injury, but also to the blue moon Legion playoffs eight into four of the Champions League next overshadowed. More importantly, the Premier League this season but also the remaining nine games, Manchester City want to keep the first four seats are all every game is tough, after all, Manchester City club from top to bottom who do not want Guardiola took office only with team battle the European Cup.

Fortunately, Guardiola has long been a rainy day for Manchester City, although not yet assumed office, the Spanish coach has been for Manchester City to build their own blueprint. According to British media before and reported that the German media, including Alabama, Neuer, Douglas - Costa, Harvey - Martinez, including several Bayern players Guardiola is lobbying to bring together Edith Bernhard effectiveness goals. In this regard, Bayern honorary president Franz Beckenbauer warned Guardiola: "If such a thing is true, it is absolutely inexcusable, but I firmly believe that Guardiola can not make that kind of thing."

Bayern Bayern goal is technical director Lei Shike technical director Lei Shike Guardiola Guardiola is the goal

With Beckenbauer warned, presumably Guardiola will converge lot, spent heavily hired Bayern players, but these famous ancient saying goes, "teach him to fish, rather teach him to fish", rather, it is better to dig directly from Bayern go that Huiyanshizhu "horses", while Bayern's technical director, in charge of the transfer of power giants - Michael Lei Shike is such a Bole.

News from the "Bild", said Guardiola was technical director Lei Shike persuade Bayern to join together with their future monopolize the Blue Moon Army transfer power. The 58-year-old Lei Shike enjoyed in Germany and European football is a high reputation, is an expert transfers and negotiations, we can say, now this is the luxury division Bayern Lei Shike by the effort to build. Last summer transfer market, Lei Shike Guardiola and two intimate, act in harmony, and jointly hired for Bayern Vidal and Douglas - Costa, and now the two players have switched to become a Bayern player Gu Gong It plays a significant role.

Lei Shike Bayern two years ago from the top of Le Courson was hired, he was responsible, together with Sammer Bayern club operations. If the future of Manchester City, then he will become a partner Baiji Waziristan, the two will work together to build a new empire Guardiola. "Daily Sport newspaper," said Manchester City Guardiola has informed senior, he hoped that the introduction of a goalkeeper for Manchester City this summer, two central defenders, two backs, two midfielders, a winger and a video front , one of nine people who buy list.

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