Van Gaal: gratified play like Liverpool fans may be able to let go Kuanggong

After the first leg 0-2 loss to rivals Liverpool, Van Gaal task in the European Cup second round can be quite daunting. According to "The Sun" reported Van Gaal was interviewed by reporters before the game, reflecting a very optimistic mood, and he also thanked the fans.

Van Gaal first to admit that they need to support the fans: "We really need the fans to the players on the field because they have a huge impact on the atmosphere at Anfield is very terrible.."

Then, Van Gaal fans support in troubled expressed his gratitude: "I am very satisfied with the fans (satisfied), because our results are not kicked out of the fans wanted, we did not meet their expectations, but you look, they also support the team and their coach (Louis van Gaal). but do not forget, the most important thing is the team. "

Van Gaal said the comeback does have a certain pressure:. "We have to do better at home, otherwise we not win the game." But although the first leg did not play well, he is confident that turnaround: "Every game is different, you can not be a simple analogy. Today, Manchester United conceded simply did not think about the things that we want to fill our minds with the goal, we done this before.

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