0 price? Price! Exposure Arsenal selling blood rush to dig Dott core Ibrahimovic


Since Ibrahim announced plans to leave Paris, after switching to other clubs, Manchester United and Chelsea are still flourishing state of the "veteran" an olive branch. However, with the exception of facing Arsenal striker shortage of people always do anything, which can be very anxious gun hardcore fans. Today, however, the "Daily Mirror" a news Gunners felt hope: Arsenal joined in the fight for Ibrahimovic.

Previously, according to "The Sun" message, also very much hope Ibrahimovic came to the Premier League, in particular, he is expected to arrive in London this high visibility cities to play, no doubt for Arsenal before Manchester United took the initiative. According to the "Daily Mirror" that can be heard is expected to 0 transfer fee under the visa-free European level Ibrahimovic front of God, has been in the transfer market but unfortunately the financial life of Arsene Wenger could not help but move the heart.

Zela Tan never workout! Zela Tan never workout!
However, if the finger lift, simply to be able to introduce such Ibrahimovic front of God, surely the whole European clubs have a dogfight. Now before Wenger, the biggest obstacle is a high Ibrahimovic's salary. "Daily Mirror newspaper," said Yi Busuo to at least 25 million pounds of weekly earnings, which is currently Arsenal's salary system is undoubtedly not be the burden of pain.

The current Arsenal squad maximum salary, which is 14 pounds weekly Ozil and Sanchez just 13 pounds weekly, from the beginning of October last year, "Daily Mail" on the exposed Arsenal with Ecuador Benazir and Sanchez on salary contract negotiations issues, but to talk about the six months, to March this year, there is no one below. This can not but wonder whether Wenger have to go under the hand out of Ibrahimovic to 25 pounds weekly? Moreover, the "Daily Mirror newspaper," said Wenger decided only one month, no doubt to the professor put a difficult problem.

In addition, according to the German "Bild" message, Arsenal also intends to present the core Mkhitaryan Dortmund this season, who just turned 27-year-old Armenian state hot knife, scored in 41 games 19 goals, sent out 23 assists, efficiency is very terror. He can play multiple positions, can become Arsenal currently anemic frontcourt a razor. Moreover, in the play of the year when he is also in line with the introduction of generous Wenger Ozil, Sanchez hit when introduced during the player's principles. However, when Dott spent 27 million euros till he dug Hornet from the miners, the Wenger wanted to poach him, must have at least double the price.

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