Inter Milan striker defender next week to sign medical giants: handicap sign Super Star

Ravitch is arguably one of the most compelling superstars Super Stadium, but if he had not joined the Hebei Huaxia happy, he probably is the Inter Milan player, which has also been recognized by the international Milan top.

Inter Milan sporting director Océ Rio, "said the Inter Milan fans keen to join Ravitch, who is also the goal of a lot of clubs this summer, he does have a strong possibility to join Inter Milan, if he do not play, then China, he is likely a free agent to join Inter Milan, which should be able to determine down. "

But for another goal, Sassuolo striker Berardi, Océ Leo's answer is relatively conservative, "Berardi is a great player, I really can not say we do not like him, but he signed not likely, there are too many reason. As for Mancini, as we have said many times, the bench next season he will continue to coach Inter Milan, and there is no problem in the future there will not be any problems . "

On the other hand, according to Italian media reports, with the Turkish team Fenerbahce 䊄 left back Canale - Elgin meet to determine the free transfer of some of the details, the 27-year-old Turkish international, the same fee Bachelet's contract expires in June, has confirmed he will not renew the same Fenerbahce. Sky Sports said that Inter Milan are working on the introduction of Elgin, and you want as quickly as possible to determine all the details.

"Italian football," said the Inter Milan ready to Elgin is an annual salary of 2.2 million euros in the three-year contract, the team race day gap next week, it is possible to fly to Milan Elgin examination.

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