Chelsea Bayern dig big dig 20 million will be given in response to imply La Liga star


For Chelsea, this season they have been marked by the failure label. Therefore, Chelsea have now can plan in advance rebuilt. According to British media reports, Chelsea ready to dig Bayern ho versatile midfielder Vidal, in addition, the Blues will also introduce players Athletic de Bilbao Kos.

This season, Chelsea's fall, and a number of midfield players in the doldrums, has a great relationship. Fabregas state of good times and bad, no longer have the courage of last season. Matic is terrible fall, from the Premier League last season, the first defensive midfielder, now reduced to even main location can not be guaranteed. Moreover, Ramirez also bought Super League teams, so Chelsea midfielder strength in urgent need of reinforcement. The Blues reinforcing objectives, now being exposed by the media.

Conti and Vidal had been sweet history of cooperation and Vidal Conti had had a history of cooperation sweet
"Daily Mail" that Chelsea prepare poaching Bayern midfielder Vidal, the Bayern players, had Juventus, Conti had a very sweet and cooperative. As a result, almost certainly it will become Chelsea coach Conti, also hope to introduce this summer for Chelsea vidal. Conti had made it clear that: "If I go to war, I want to bring Vidal, let him do my comrades."

Today, Vidal also responded to Conti's a good show, he said: "I would say the same thing, if I go to war, I also let my teammates do Conti Let's see what happens next. "Vidal responded very straightforward, he did not reject the invitation Conti. That is, if the next Chelsea out of the conditions to impress Bayern Munich and Vidal, the Chilean players who will agree to join Chelsea.

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