Real Madrid 43 balls Hurricane Great God! Spanish cattle Barcelona Senior British KO

This may not be the most beautiful goal Bell, but with this game against Sevilla achieved goal, Bell became the most goals in La Liga history Englishman. Welsh 76 games scored 43 goals, surpassing Barcelona legend Lineker 42 ball record (103 games), former England striker after the game also congratulated Bell.

Bell beyond Lineker, became the most league goals beyond Englishman Gary Lineker Bell, became the most league goals English
Las Palmas, Bell Gary Lineker have a chance to break the record, but he failed to achieve in-form for Sevilla, Bell did not waste the opportunity. The campaign on Bell excellent condition, 6 minutes to help send assists Benzema to score, he was the right pass, unguarded Benzema first time volley, Real Madrid lead 1-0 . Thereafter Real Madrid continued to put pressure half siege, Bell restricted area before the shot was blocked, and then shot inside the Welsh penalty area arc the ball hit the outside of the left post pop-up deflector.

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