Messi kicked female fans: I am a Real Madrid fans hate more Messi


Barca's game against Villarreal, Messi once powerful shot wide of the goal, a hapless female fans injured. Broadcast footage showed the ball was hit Macy's female fans against a female audience beside her body, which has been collapsed by hand to the fan, I want her to wake up. Then the court asked the medical staff rushed over, Messi ball hit stupid female fans got up after paralysis sit on the floor. Messi apparently aware of the consequences of his own shot, he waved toward the fans to express their regret.

After the game the Spanish radio station RAC1 contacted the - tower Hu Herault female fans to see her specific injuries. Raquel revealed that he was a broken arm, and she also said that he is a Real Madrid fan. "I am a Real Madrid fan, original not like Messi, now I kicked him, (for him) feel worse."

For the circumstances, Raquel recalled:. "While I was in the stands a sun badly, or be able to clearly see the ball fly over, I made a hand to protect the operation result immediately felt a very strong impact my arms were bent and I see people around me uncomfortable react after I fainted, then was sent to the hospital to check the results of the radius or ulna fractures, specifically not very clear. "

Injured girl said: "They gave me a plaster fixed, I have to rest at least one month Barcelona club made contact with me, to help me, tell me, as long as necessary, I would like to mention any requirement. I would ask them for a Barcelona against Real Madrid match tickets. "

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