Xavi: Lionel Messi is already the best in the world without having to use the World Cup to prove

Former Barcelona captain Xavi in ​​the UAE recently accepted the "vanguard" of the interview, he praised Messi in an interview is history best, eliminates the need for the World Cup to prove.

Now in Barca, Messi increasingly retreated to midfield ball, assist midfielder organized attack, it was felt more and more like Messi play Harvey. In this regard Harvey smiled and replied: "Messi play like Xavi as wrong, like Messi Messi play on the pitch he can do anything he wants, and he is each? things are handled very well, he is the best player in history. "

In addition, Harvey also said that the World Cup can not cover Gai Meixi great: "Messi is the best player in the world, he does not need to prove himself to win the World Cup, Di Stefano and Cruyff have not won the World Cup, but this does not hide their greatness. "

Harvey went on to say: "I was at the peak of between 28 years to 32 years, and now more than ever, Messi knows how to maintain their status, he always behaved very alarming."

For his former club Barcelona this season, Harvey said: "The team's performance on the pitch almost makes me drool, they are at a very high level, they have to do is continue to win."

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