Manchester United Mourinho last game! Red Devils internal division chiefs conflict madman


Manchester United this season is far below the expectations of fans, it has spent 250 million pounds Van Gaal not even a lock for Manchester United Champions League places. Bad record for Van Gaal's job in jeopardy. Currently the British media generally believe that Mourinho will replace Van Gaal became coach of Manchester United in the summer. "The Sun" Secret said Manchester United so far not yet officially announced the appointment of Jose Mourinho, because the Red Devils have not rise to this agreement, supporters and opponents still in the game.

"The Sun" analyze the causes leading to delays in Mike Mussina took over Manchester United completed. The first point is that Manchester United are still worried about Mourinho's acting style hurt the reputation of Manchester United. Mike Mussina resume proved his success, Manchester United are eager to return to the top of the Premier League. But some people still worry about Manchester United inside, Mike Mussina words and deeds will lead to a bit of trouble, it does not match the image with Manchester United.

In addition to Manchester United has been promoted youth players for their own pride, but Mourinho's academy players use has been criticized. He prefers to sign some of the already famous players to succeed. This season Rush Crawford et al., Also contributed to the success of a number of high-level concern, if coach Jose Mourinho, young people like Rush Crawford will get a chance?

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