Messi has been ruthless blow: I have not seen the bad state Macy

This week will usher in Chile clash with Argentina's World Cup qualifiers, as the captain of the Chilean national team, Bravo also accepted the reporters in the interview he praised his own club-mate Lionel Messi never bad state , but also said the Chilean team not afraid of any opponent.

Bravo said: "I've never seen a bad state of Messi, Messi is now the state is very good, and he can play together, I am very satisfied, because the state can come across such a good feel Messi excited. but whether or Macy's or Mary, we will not be afraid. "

Peach marshal Sampaoli just took over as the team coach, the game will also be the debut of Peach. For a change of coach position, Bravo said the team will not be affected:. "We are for a coach, but will not change the way we play, the team's style will be the same."

For the team former coach Sampaoli, Bravo said: "We worked together for a long time to his position coach really is not easy, we will not hide the feelings of the former coach, but now took. Peach and his comparison is still too early to evaluate a coach to consider many factors, it was too soon. "

Match with Argentina will be the representative of Chile Bravo national team played the first 100 games, he is also the Chilean national team played most of the players in the country.

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