Chelsea, Real Madrid dug generals were priced 73 million Real Madrid refused to renew Yaoxing


According to British media, "London Evening Standard" message to the Chelsea keeper Courtois were the price, the price of 73 million pounds (about 92 million euros), in order to scare away to Real Madrid.

Prior to the "Daily Mail" claimed that if Real Madrid can not be introduced this summer, De Gea, they will turn to buy Courtois. The media pointed out that Courtois hopes to return to the Primera Liga, he has been on loan to Atletico Madrid played three seasons, the performance is very good. But Chelsea Courtois do not want to let go, although Chelsea bad results this season, but they still have the confidence to keep this Belgian goalkeeper.

In addition, according to the English media, "Daily Express" news, Real Madrid game Harry - Kane decided to contract with Tottenham, Manchester United with Real Madrid as refused to offer. Kane this season, scored 21 goals, his weekly wage will rise to 7.5 million pounds.

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