Intense competition? Pique: Guardiola in the Premier League will be much easier than the Bundesliga

Bayern coach Guardiola will go to Manchester City this summer, and whether he can succeed in the Premiership, different people hold different views. Some people think that melon Shuai in the Bundesliga to take the title easily, more intense competition in the Premiership, but had to play Barcelona melon handsome men Pique general does not agree with this view.

By Periscope Pique expressed his view: "England will be much easier than in Germany (much easier), Pape wants to win at Manchester City, there are many choices." The situation in the Premier League this season is very confusing, at present lead is still big black Mallett Manchester City this season, Manchester City in the case of a game behind as many as 15 points, won only a theoretical possibility exists. In the Bundesliga, Bayern although very prominent, but ranked second in Dortmund has been in hot pursuit, the two sides are currently only five points behind. Guardiola coached from 2008-09 season so far, only in the 2011-12 season, Mourinho, Real Madrid took the league title, won all the other five years.

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