Manchester United 2400 pounds contract PK Super Tyrant Ibrahimovic CEO Howard grab nod

The Eiffel Tower into his own statue? Ibrahimovic each other in an almost humiliating way ahead announced his decision to leave the French club at the end of the season, about his future at home and problems, and instantly become the focus of discussion and heated debate. He is joined himself never visited the British conquest of the Premier League? Or fought in the US professional league or West gold rush? Previously from the Italian "La Repubblica" the source said, has a team to the Super Tyrant Ibrahimovic offered an olive branch, and out of pre-tax annual salary of 75 million euros of the price.

There is no doubt that such astronomical salary figures have been high too far, if really achieve such a huge contract, it is not just Chinese football, the whole football world will be born a new record - the highest annual salary in the history of the Earth soccer player. Of course, all this is only present in the rumor stage, but far away in the Premiership giants Manchester United has already shot genuineness: from "Daily Star", "" of sources, Manchester United executives have been to Iraq cloth out of a huge contract.

Due to the large Paris and Ibrahimovic contract expires this summer, so he will not have to sign Manchester United spent a penny of the transfer fee, which also makes Old Trafford to provide Ibrahimovic's salary will increase accordingly. "Daily Star newspaper," said Manchester United CEO Woodward Ibrahimovic will provide a two-year total contract value reached 24 million pounds of the contract, that is to say, if Ibrahimovic landing at Old Trafford, he You will get 25 million pounds weekly price in Manchester.

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