Macy Obama responded: Aguero surprised with him to meet with him


Russia, South American World Cup qualifiers, 2-1 away to old rivals Argentina, Chile, scored crucial three points. After the match, captain Messi interviewed.

Massey said: "We have to win, we have to do every game the team pushed hard, Chile is a very great opponent we have to win, we know that this victory will be very critical, because Colombia already. Won."

Messi had missed because of injury more than the national team, he said:. "Can not play is a very difficult thing" for the next game with the Bolivia game, Messi said: "To continue to go on to win, not lose Minute."

Earlier, US President Barack Obama has said his daughter very much like to see Messi, this, Massey gives the response: "For he said, I am very surprised, but I think this (meeting) is possible is perhaps the reason why he said so, because he was working in Argentina, I was surprised like everyone else. "

Reporters asked: "? You'll take Aguero go with it," Massey said: "Of course, I go anywhere with Aguero."

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