Paris general stunned the world: with more than Messi I want to sign Neymar

Although the season is not over, but the big Paris has begun to transfer operation to prepare for the start of summer, including many big name players Messi, C Ronaldo and Paris Saint-Germain and other are linked together. However, while Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Lucas in an interview with Canal + television interview, but stunned, he said, with Bi Meixi that he would prefer Neymar to join Paris.

When asked who he wants to star in the summer hope to become his teammate, Lucas mentioned that he hopes Bayern center Lewandowski, as well as Barcelona's Lionel Messi 10 can come in the summer Parc des Princes, he also said: "Messi is coming to Paris, which is entirely possible, Benzema or Lewandowski also very good?."

"But relatively speaking, I prefer Neymar, even though he and I play the same position, but for me personally as well as club, the introduction of Neymar is a good thing." Lucas adds.

Despite Neymar year and strangers, but fellow Brazilian and their own different, the small Lucas did not go into Dunga's national team squad, while Neymar has long been a captain of the Brazilian national team. But the club, Lucas also achieved good results this season, he helped the Paris ahead of a record eight won the French league title.

Neymar's contract with Barcelona expires in 2018, but he had not and the club to complete the contract, the outside world has also been speculation that his future will go, not only the big Paris, including Manchester City, Real Madrid giants also broke Neymar is staring. Barca Neymar naturally also know the importance of the club level is also the issue of the renewal effort doing.

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