Real Madrid battle Barcelona Wealth fatal: BBC combinations never won Barcelona

BBC combination of Real Madrid looks full of power, but an embarrassing data, Bell, Benzema and C Ronaldo the three stars play together three national derby, Real Madrid lost to Barcelona. Saturday's Clasico, BBC will usher in a new opportunity to prove himself.

"Aspen" that as long as Bell, C Ronaldo and Benzema play together, it will be Real Madrid lost to Barcelona. Three players in the national derby played together three times, Barcelona have won three times. In fact, since Bell came to Madrid, Real Madrid in two and a half seasons time Barcelona won only twice, once in 2014 King's Cup final, once home league matches last season. That King's Cup final, C Ronaldo out injured, while another Real Madrid win, Bell did not play because of injury problems.

The last two and a half seasons, no BBC, Real Madrid Barcelona have actually achieved 2 wins and 1 loss. After Bell joined Real Madrid for the first time against Barcelona in the October 26, 2013, that game Carlo Ancelotti put Benzema put the bench, the first 60 minutes he let Benzema Substitution Bell, and three We played with no stars in the field. Real Madrid 1 to 2 lost the game, that is the three stars do not play together, the only Real Madrid lost the national derby.

March 2014 Barcelona visit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Bell, Benzema, C Luo starting to play, but the result was negative, Real Madrid 3 to 4 lost the game. Real Madrid's chance for revenge very soon, this time though no BBC, but the Whites beat Barcelona in King's Cup. C Lo play due to injury, but Bell with a goal to help Real Madrid win the championship trophy.

2014-15 season the two teams met only twice, the first time Real Madrid flash, 3 to 1 victory over the opponent, but the game did not play because of injury Bell. After that the national derby, the two sides against twice, each time starting BBC together, and the same results: Barca are winning. First Ancelotti Real Madrid at the Nou Camp to lose 1 to 2, followed by Real Madrid at the Bernabeu Benitez 0 to 4 defeat.

Three stars playing together a problem is brought to Barcelona can dominate the midfield, leading to the result is Real Madrid's defense vulnerable. Fans understand this, the data also reflects this. BBC together to play, Real Madrid against Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčaveraging a clean sheet up to 3.3, but no BBC, averaging only 1.33 clean sheet. Saturday's starting lineup BBC Zidane will play together, the Real Madrid can beat Barcelona it?

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