Massey admit: 6 years and Maradona did not speak very good relationship still


Since his debut, Messi very long period of time known as the "Maradona successor" name, his relationship with Maradona has also been suffering from attention. Recently, in an interview with an Egyptian Macy television interview he revealed that he has been almost six years and did not directly spoken to Maradona, but he also said their relationship is still very good.

South Africa 2010 World Cup, Maradona as head coach to lead Argentina broke into the Top 8, 1/4 finals in Germany was eliminated 4-0, then sadly class. According to Macy's argument, since that World Cup, the two have never spoken.

Messi said in an interview, said:. "We have not spoken for a long time, and since the 2010 World Cup, we occasionally come across once or twice, he has his life and career, I have my own which we do not Besides chat. then we have no contacts, we are now the relationship is still very good. "

Messi and Maradona Messi and Maradona

Indeed, while the intersection of the two is not much in life, but when it comes to each other, Maradona Messi appreciation and loneliness, between Macy's speech has been very respected Maradona.

As Argentina flag character two times, Maradona won the World Cup in 1986 led, in 2014, Massey lost in the final of the last moment, now, Messi and Argentina together with the positive impact of the 2018 World Cup in Russia they had recently 2-1 comeback rival Chile. Beijing on Wednesday that Argentina will usher in Bolivia sits at home challenges.

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