Real repo contract beast waist exposure: loss of 7.5 million transfer fee earned OR

Recently, the football website "Football Leaks" published the Real Madrid star Casemiro contract. Casemiro last season on loan to Portuguese giants Porto, Real Madrid after spending 7.5 million euros ended Casemiro loan deal, he will sign and return the club.

According to the website, the Porto paid 1.26 million to a company called "Vera Management Co., Ltd.", the money is with the "energy of football," the company to share, it is worth mentioning that the "energy football," head of the company being Chairman of Pinto Porto - Costa's son. The aim of the management to do this is to manage and test.

At the same time, an agreement between Real Madrid and Porto, Casemiro rental fee of 1.2 million euros. Porto club has right of first refusal, transfer fee of 13.8 million euros. Casemiro in the summer of 2014 on loan to FC Porto, in the performance of the season very well.

But Real Madrid can end a contract early Casemiro, only need to pay Porto club 7.5 million euros, will be able to snatch Casemiro from Porto hands.

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