nsider exposing cell policy defection Bayern Klopp: He broke my heart sting hurts

Once the golden boy of Europe, the German team in the World Cup finals in Argentina lore, finally claim the trophy big hero grid policy in today's Bayern Guardiola's men can not make good use of the day definitely come to describe - his last Bayern played on behalf of have to go back 13 March, Bayern against Werder Bremen, starting 54 minutes played was benched. "The Sun" revealed that the current grid policy and the relationship between Guardiola very delicate, with "steep rugged" to describe, has been the extent to nice to say.

It is also because of this, the German international has decided to leave Bayern at the end of the season, of course, only 23 years old grid policy is still Europe Yankees "demand", outside the old club Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, in addition to , their mentor Klopp Liverpool also dished out an olive branch.

"Until now, I do not publicly discuss any of the rumors and name, I can only say that Mario (Goetze) performance in Germany against Italy game is so good, especially in his injured back, yet at Bayern By playing enough games to restore the status of the case. Besides, I do not be able to say that again. "Speaking of former disciple grid policy when Klopp said so.

However, since the future can not reveal too much, to have memories Klopp is then slowly opened the box - it was a day in April 2013, just Klopp led Dortmund eliminated in the Champions League semi-final Real Madrid, incredible advance to the final. "But I'm happy just for a day, because it is undoubtedly the cell policy?." Klopp recalled:. "Sporting director Zuo Erke came to the training ground, his face stiff, like a dead relatives, as he told me He said: 'I have to tell you something serious thing.' "

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