Juve demon king: I want to play another finals off Barcelona and Real Madrid which is home to refuse?

Juventus this season's Champions League trip was very sorry, carried out after two rounds of thrilling battle with Bayern ahead of the game, all the way to the finals last year, could not replicate the feat of a year ago in the Champions League final defeat to Barcelona are also many Juventus players heart pain, including Spain striker Morata.

"I really want to play another Champions League final again, this time we want to win down," Morata in an interview said, "reached the final is a great achievement, so I have been to the semi-finals that kick Real Madrid into the ball as my favorites. "

Morata went on to say, "To be a great player first thing to do is to enjoy football, then that is to go to bed early, ready to play a good rest, obviously, you will make some sacrifices, give up some of your favorite things. "

It is reported that Real Madrid want to Morata repurchase, which, again Morata clear their attitude is to stay at Juventus, "my favorite jersey number is 7, because Raul, may next season I'm going to change my number and Zaza, he's my roommate. I chose this number because number 9 is also empty, it also means a great responsibility, there are numerous past champions Juventus player Phi with this number. the secret of success is not only consider their own, everyone must become teammates to help. It's great players have the same objectives, and in this way you will be able to see Juventus, every goal this is true, we will together celebrate every goal, this is not just a football team, this is a home. "

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