Arsenal Prince Obsolete! Wenger did not play a woman smoking a fight to keep him


Speaking of Arsenal's "Prince", Wenger will love, people tend to think of the first reaction is often Wilshere. Indeed, although the player lying on the sickbed perennial, while also occasionally play Emmanuel, but Wenger has never betray him, behind him often in the media, but yesterday he was in the nightclub brawl news, all of a sudden the Wenger Prince pushed the cusp. "Daily Mail", "Sun", "Daily Mirror" Three British newspapers have published an article attacking the former England hope, and Arsenal, he also had a disappointment.

In June last year after injury, Wilshere has not played a game for Arsenal. This name has been hailed as England's hopes of players in recent years, the growth rate is slow, and even reverse the tendency. Prior to the "Mirror" burst on Sunday morning, Wilshere brought his girlfriend to central London nightclub is considered out of the fans was provocation, and then he went out, and finally the police have been involved.

In fact, this is not the first time Wilshere has been questioned because of the lifestyle of the individual. Early last year, Wilshere was photographed in a nightclub in London, three in the morning in many beauty camouflage the smoke, then had caused intense criticism. In 2014, when the threat has been photographed in Las Vegas bombers carrying numerous beauty vigorously pool party, pool Wilshere beside powder flocks, pumping really happy, a short break after that okho resuscitation wonderful, dive Valley Mi Fa eclectic scene.

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