Miserable! Higuain fear of being banned for four games Opportunity overwhelming Messi C Ronaldo to fly

Napoli 1-3 weekend defeat to Udinese, Juventus since the current round win, the points gap has widened to 6 points, the title situation in Naples has been very negative, but there are worse things that striker Higuain sent off, and may also be banned for four games.

The game Argentina Higuain also scored a goal, so that the number of own goals in Serie A this season increased to 30, which also makes him since 1956 to reach the first two Serie A striker 30 goals in a single season, 2005-06 season, Toni (Fiorentina) scored 31 goals.

But the game 76 minutes, Felipe field fell to the ground, the referee finds Higuain foot foul, to show him the second yellow card! Higuain unacceptable reluctant to leave, but also looking for the referee theoretical, players will save him.

"Gazzetta dello Sport" means the referee after the game Irati report did not mention any acts of violence, but it does wrote "gently pushing", "Gazzetta dello Sport," said with emotion, but for the referee He used the word "gently" is, I am afraid that Higuain will be suspended for 10 games. If Higuain banned for four games, he will miss the game against Verona, Inter Milan, Bologna and Rome match, against Inter Milan and Rome, where the game is undoubtedly crucial.

I must mention is Higuain suspended so that he faced severe disadvantage in the competitive European Golden Boot, the current Higuain has scored 30 goals, tied with Benfica striker Jonas ranking first in the European Golden Boot, 29 ball behind C Ronaldo, Suarez, Levante, Obame Yang, Ibrahimovic, Messi, etc. are also among the top ten. If suspended for four games for Higuain, the European Golden Boot this season, it can be very dangerous.

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