Horizontal! Bayern man of God to dominate two restricted PK Barcelona last puzzle?

Champions League quarter-final first leg at home to face Benfica, Bayern 1-0 made a good start, but this victory is the most eye-catching vidal. Chile midfielder not only scored the game's only goal, is very active in the field. Benfica in this competition is very tough, but when it comes to stubborn, brave, energy and other words, most people think of first is the Bayern players may Vidal, in the field and he fully demonstrated this point.

Vidal suddenly forward runs is his signature weapon, his goal is also derived from this. Bernat was left sent precise pass, Vidal quickly plug from the outside of the area ahead of Eliseu header, the ball neatly into the top of the lower corner. A week ago in the Chilean national team Vidal scored twice, the goal has once again demonstrated his power in front of. With the ball he also surpassed Sanchez became the most Champions League goal in the Chilean players, even more surprising is his scoring efficiency (10 goals in 35 games) and even Bisangqiesi (38 games 9 goals) is also high. In addition to scoring, Vidal and once in the second half of the same forward runs after the first half, slightly higher after a desperate header Unfortunately, the bomb. Levante end of the game that single opportunity, but also from Vidal in midfield wonderful forward pass delivery.

Vidal this amazing field coverage (right attack) Vidal this amazing field coverage (right attack)
In addition to the offensive end, defensive end Vidal also quite steal the spotlight. The middle of the first half, Benfica made a quick free-kick into the penalty area to attack, thanks to Vidal made a key interception, blocking each other pass the ball. The first half last moment, he was flying block Gaitan's volley ball lower body was severely hit. As a midfield position relatively rearward, Vidal on the defensive end to show their worth, several threats to attack the opponent, he has assumed the role of defender. In this case, he was able to repeatedly punch up front in attack and score. It will be such a midfielder Vidal called "box to box", that is, from a restricted area to another restricted area. And indeed this field Vidal has two outstanding performance in the area, described as "move forward and the head of the moves, flying back to block eye-catching."

Many in the media after the game scores, Vidal is a team-high points. Sport1 commented: "Location is the most emphasis on the Bayern defensive midfielder, but can see where he headed home after he did the following things: rescue, interception, header Zhengding, give the ball sidewalk ., he rushed shot, he ran, he kicked, completely tireless "melon handsome also praised Chileans:" Vidal very smart, always gritty, very strong desire for the game, I was pleased to see his performance . "" Le Monde "sports edition to the role of Vidal gave a definition: melon handsome men indispensable midfield warrior.

Bayern last summer to spend 37 million euros to sign Vidal from Juventus legend Lothar Matthaeus time analysis, he said: "Vidal superb offensive and defensive, with extraordinary leadership qualities, can play at a high level of strong decisive showdown role, his arrival will make Bayern's tactical system has been enlarging and improving. "Vidal performance from three games in the Champions League knockout Bayern point of view, he did become more tough for Bayern midfielder, and on both ends gave the ball team has helped. At home against Juventus last moment of life and death, it was his Evra grabbed the ball before the Juventus penalty area, only Muller equalized blow. Vidal has said it hopes to be able to Bayern won the Champions League, while their biggest rival is probably Barcelona. Last year's final against Barcelona Vidal seemed quite embarrassed, if Zaiyu Barcelona, ​​he can be to help Bayern beat defending champion a key figure in it?

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