German legend remind Dott: Do not be a warm welcome Klopp paralysis


Although there sits before Dott coach Klopp, but when talking about the collision European Cup quarter-final between Liverpool and more particularly, the former Liverpool midfielder, German legend Harman still think Red disadvantage. "Dortmund is undoubtedly popular promotion, but their advantage is not obvious. Liverpool will be the most perilous in the two rounds of competition, they have the ability to do anything." The Germans in the first leg before the start give Westphalia "Hornet" reminder. Harman worked on behalf of Bayern in the Bundesliga played more than 100 times, followed by Liverpool and the team won the Champions League in the 2004-05 season.

He believes that between Liverpool players and Klopp also need to run:. "Liverpool there are still many problems, which they often do not win the victory that they can understand the lack of intent Klopp players, it is because the lack of this type of player, Klopp before Liverpool can not be formed in the Dott rigorous as smooth offensive and defensive systems. "Westphalia to leave Anfield Klopp took over Liverpool in the middle of the first season poorly, currently the team ranked ninth in the Premier League.

Since coaching seven years between Dortmund team won two league titles, a German Cup and a European championship, t slag still capture the hearts of fans Dott. "Dott must be careful not to be this 'complex Klopp' knocked out, do not be such a pre-match warm paralyzed. Otherwise, they will be deemed a friendly game, this is not normal." Harman told "sky Sports", "Klopp and Liverpool are in the honeymoon period, the real test will be the impact of the championship next season."

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