Premiership striker water: Manchester United Arsenal front will be two large parallel rotten home

Kane, Valdis, Loukakou, Aguero, Mach Juarez ...... These people are synonymous with the best performance this season, the Premier League striker, but also efficient. However, the Premier League is the least efficient offensive player who you know? "The Sun" recently they did a such statistics, the results of the Manchester United winger became the first Pres Unfortunately, while Arsenal's Theo Walcott and Sanchez, who also made the list.

The main statistical list of each team and the number of offensive players shot goals conversion rate, the resulting data is the worst Manchester United striker Pres. This season he played in 23 league games, the cumulative number of shot 34 times, but scored only two poor goals, misses the goal conversion rate of only 5.88%. And after Pres is Borigni Sunderland, played in 20 games, completed 31 Borigni foot hit the door, goal number 3, shot on goal conversion rate of 9.68%. Norwich Jerome consistent with Borigni efficiency, the difference is more than Jerome played 10 games.

Pres Premiership least efficient offensive player Pres Premiership least efficient offensive player

It is worth mentioning that, Arsenal's two front will Walcott and Sanchez into this list of shame. Walcott played 23 games, scoring five goals, with a 36-foot shot, shot on goal conversion rate of 13.89%; while Sanchez also played 23 games, scored eight goals, with a 54 foot hit the door, shot on goal conversion was 14.81%, efficiency is not high.

In addition, the list there are Vera Rodriguez Ted (shot on goal conversion rate 10.87%), Manchester City Boni (11.11%), Swansea Gomis (12.20%), Crystal Palace Murray (13.04 %), Bournemouth gold (13.33%) and Newcastle Mitte Pavlovic (14.81%).

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