Wolfsburg general: with 100 million% state playing Real Madrid! Bet their lives on the run


In the early morning of the day after tomorrow's Champions League game, Wolfsburg will be a guest at the Bernabeu, and Real Madrid ushered in a second round battle. Although the 2-0 victory for Wolfsburg take the initiative, but Real Madrid are also confident and down on the comeback. Wolfsburg general Xu Earle talked about the game, he said the team will make every effort for promotion.

In an interview, Xu Earle said: "Tuesday's game we will come up with one hundred million percent state (100 million percent), we would like to run your life as life and death, when we will play with a fighting enthusiasm. this is the mood in the locker room, we are very eager to play the game "black gold Wolfsburg coach said:" since we beat Real Madrid last week, the city will no longer talk about any other thing Real Madrid certainly want revenge and made the cut. the game will be very difficult. "

On the weekend of the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg is home to Mainz 1-1 draw, ranked fourth from the 9 points behind Leverkusen. In the case of only five of the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg next season, wants to continue to campaign in the Champions League is not easy. In this regard many Earle said: "We are in Mainz, when the performance is not good, but we also know that we can within two days of face Real Madrid, and things have been developing smoothly (refers to the total score lead). So this joy over time has been growing. "

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