Premiership - Leicester City 2-0 2 goals Valdivia won five straight over 7 points lead

2015/16 Premier League season, the first 33 of a focus on war started competing at the Stadium of Light, Leicester City 2-0 away Lectra Sunderland, Valdivia scored twice, Leicester City 5-game winning streak is still 7 points advantage of lead, and advance five locking Champions League next season seats.

Leicester City look forward to the first time since the 1993/94 season double play Sunderland. Leicester City fans for the first time season champion shouted slogans. Morgan corner melee in the header almost broke. Shinji Okazaki closed on the left chest after stopping at Ye Delin defensive fall, the referee has not been fined. cut into the restricted area pass in the left hand was lying on the ground Huth Landang, the same referee refused a penalty. Before halftime, Valdivia received a shot in the penalty area after Shinji Okazaki passing. Shooting Borigni restricted the right of small Schmeichel were denied by the legs.

The second half, twice Borigni edge of the area volley wide divisions. Valdivia counterattack right crossing the ball, Delin Waters stopping slightly miss the opportunity to single-handedly. Leicester City 66 minutes to break the deadlock, Delin Wo Long pass, Valdivia small single-handedly Tuishe network upper left corner of the penalty area. He became the first scored 20 goals in the Premier League Leicester City players. Since the 2009/10 season, the first time two English players have scored 20 goals. This is the first single-season Leicester City 56 balls, more than the 1999/2000 season 55 Premiership goals in team history record. He became since the 1984/85 season, Gary Lineker (24 goals) first place in the top league single season scored 20 goals for Leicester City players.

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