Chelsea strongest position a year becoming weaker Mussina wrong person planted the seeds

Chelsea already this season, seeding, and Blues fans the focus of attention in the reconstruction of this summer. Conti coach needs to create what you want lineup. But I am afraid that no one will expect Chelsea position is now the biggest crisis goalkeeper. News from "The Sun" said the Blues on the 1st Courtois refused to commit to long-term stay in the team, but also hope that the summer transfer Begovic, Conti goalkeeper position facing a great challenge.

"Sun," said Conti faces anxious wait, he needs to solve the problem of the goalkeeper for next season. Conti has begun work to transform the lineup next season. Last week, he had seen two Begovic and Chelsea goalkeeper Courtois, but still unable to confirm the future of the two men.

Conti Conti may need to introduce goalkeeper goalkeeper may need to introduce

Courtois refused to stay at Chelsea assurances, which makes his future full of questions, including in particular the recent Real Madrid, including giants are linked together with Courtois, which allowed him to move to change this summer infinitely possible. Begovic while Chelsea also unhappy, discontent with the lack of first-team appearances, Begovic is considering leaving the team this summer. Chelsea goalkeeper two current uncertainty Conti had to consider the introduction of a new goalkeeper in the summer program. "Sun," said Chelsea's main goal is to consider Stoke City goalkeeper Bate Lan.

Chelsea now face an unprecedented crisis in the goalkeeper position, which is something that no one expected. Before a season, Mourinho led Chelsea to win, the Blues goalkeeper Petr Cech Location Courtois and two ace, and the team's long-term future to consider, Mike Mussina in the summer Cech let go completely established Courtois position. Now it seems, Mike Mussina seems wrong horse. Courtois this season's performance is quite satisfactory, and now the team were not good, he can not guarantee their own long-term stay at Chelsea, but Chelsea still for him to let go before the start of the season exploits Cech.

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