AC Milan, Bayern thigh exposed 35 million sold! PK Chelsea grab Juve demon front


State AC Milan striker Baca half of the season has been not so brave a few months ago, according to Italian media reports, Milan wanted to sell him to Arsenal or Bayern Munich, Juventus and the purchase of Zaza.

Baca in half of the season is AC Milan's absolutely the thigh, but since February, Baca in nearly 7 games scored only one goal, the Rossoneri's performance also will decline. This Bonaventure closer to silence is also related Baca is not able to create opportunities for their forwards, the lack of midfield support him would be difficult to find the scoring touch.

According to "Turin Sports Daily" reports, AC Milan is considering Vaca sold at the end of the season, Arsenal and Bayern Munich are all very interested in the Colombian front of God. It is reported that Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti when in Seville will appreciate the effectiveness of Baca, if it is the outgoing Ancelotti, Baca is likely to join Real Madrid. Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti next season, I hope to present this love will move into the array, and the media reported Baca sale price was 35 million euros.

After the sale of Baca, AC Milan hope to introduce Juventus bench Zaza. The 24-year-old Italian striker last summer to 18 million euros worth joining Juventus, scored a total of four league goals, but in competition with Morata, Di Bala, Man Zhu Qi, who is not among the main position. Roma and Chelsea also reported that he intends to introduce, but Juve's offer not less than 30 million euros.

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